Business activities

Supply to Bangladesh Armed Forces

Bangladesh Army (BA)

  • Vehicles, Armoured Personnel Carriers, Tanks and its spare and battery.
  • Signal, electronics, electric equipment and its spares specially weapon locating radar, night observation devices, sound ranging equipments etc.
  • Factory and inspection equipment.
  • Clothing. Barrack, tentage, hospital equipment and related other equipments.
  • Machine and ground equipment.
  • Building materials, iron materials and general engineering equipments.
  • Spares, repair & overhaul support for Bell-206/212, Cessna- all models.

Bangladesh Air Force (BAF)

  • Aircrafts, helicopters and its engines, components and spares.
  • Organize schedule maintenance checking and repair & overhaul
    support for Bell-206/212, Cessna- all models, Lockheed- C 130.
  • Ground service equipments.

Bangladesh Navy (BN)

  • Spares of Naval vessels.
  • Naval aircrafts, helicopters and its engines with overhaul facilities.
Supply to Civil Aviation
  • Ground service equipments for airport ground handling.
  • Machineries and equipments for passenger and baggage handling.
  • Installation of equipments for airport security system.
  • Aviation electro-communication equipment.
  • Airport Management.
  • Airfield lighting system.
Supply to Civil Aviation
  • Schedule maintenance checking and spares, repair & overhaul
    support for Boeing – B737/ 747/ 757/ 767,
    Cessna- all models, Dash-8, Fokker- F28, McDonnell Douglas- DC9/ 10.
  • Ground power unit, tow tractor, tow bar, vehicles (lavatory, catering, sweeper, handicapped, step, air-conditioning) etc. and spares.
  • Assist foreign companies which intent to participate in tenders to be announced by DGDP, CAAB and Biman Bangladesh Airlines.
  • Acts as a main contractor or of a group of companies for implementation of aviation/defence and commercial projects.
  • Deals with all installation works and maintenance during the warranty and post warranty period of the contract.